Zhongci Health Products Technology Development Co., Ltd.

      Zhongci Health Products Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative enterprise dedicated to R&D, production and sales. The company was established in 2015, obtained the "Food Production License" in 2015, and the "Health Food Production License" in 2020, and passed the US FDA certification, ISO22000 certification, HACCP certification, international halal certification, etc.

      Company was founded on
      45billion grains
      Product tablet production capacity of 4.5 billion
      The annual output of granules can reach
      About Us
      Why choose us
      E-commerce, micro-business, direct sales, fair sales, channel brand health food OEM/ODM professional processing manufacturer
      Formulation design
      With a strong R&D team and sophisticated laboratory, we provide customers with incoming materials, sufficient raw materials for sample formula development and mature product formula reserves.
      Cost saving
      Control the source of raw materials and strictly control the efficiency of machines, reducing transportation costs by 30% for customers. Adequate raw materials and mature product formula reserves.
      Standard production
      The national pharmaceutical-grade standard production factory uses the standard of producing pharmaceuticals to produce large health food. The production base has passed the GMP quality and safety management system certification, HACCP food safety assurance system certification, and conducts quality monitoring according to the ISO22000 food safety quality management system standard.
      Quality assurance
      Quality assurance
      Industry SC certification, 100,000-level sterile and dust-free workshop fully automated processing production line. Adequate raw materials and mature product formula reserves.
      OEM, OEM and spot wholesale for brand products
      Designated cooperative manufacturers of well-known brands, has created 600+ e-commerce, micro-commerce, live broadcast products


      Nutritional Research Based on Life Health Science (Integrated)

      Focus on peptide nutrition, provide comprehensive solutions for chronic diseases (one wing) Based on beauty and health, create + peptide beauty healthy food (one wing)


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